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Eric and Peter are two geeks who grew up on two completely different streets... of comic books. Eric is the DC guy and Peter is the Marvel guy. Join them each episode as they read, discuss, and compare comic books and characters from Marvel and DC.


Special thanks to @jhoubzart for our amazing art!

Sep 30, 2020

It's movie time again and we’re looking at the team cinematic debuts of The Avengers and Justice League. Spoiler Warning: We really liked one of these movies.   

The Avengers Spoiler Discussion (09:11)   

Justice League Spoiler Discussion (28:29)   


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Sep 16, 2020

We’re going deep into the galaxy this time around to the mad titans who think they rule all, the DC dictator Darkseid and Marvel madman Thanos. We read Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet by Jim Starlin & George Pérez and DC’s Cosmic Odyssey by Jim Starlin & Mike Mignola.   

Infinity Gauntlet Non-Spoilers (21:31)   

Sep 2, 2020

We’re doing another crossover episode! This time Superman and Spider-Man share the spotlight in "Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man: The Battle of the Century" by Gerry Conway & Ross Andru. This episode transcends universes. It’s a big grand adventure! BOOM! POW! ZING!